Justin Vest For School Board

The Cecil County District 3 candidate that champions local control of our county school system. Our children belong first to God, then to their parents, then to the rest of their family, then to their communities.


We need parents to get involved now more than ever. Please contact me and together we can take our schools back.

A Letter to the Current Cecil County Public School’s Board of Education

If you’re voting in this election, you lived a restriction-free childhood, despite respiratory viruses circulating as they always have.  Much of the philosophy behind my campaign is the recognition that these restrictions have caused far more harm than good to our children, and my desire to restore this normalcy to them immediately. Please watch the video on the right as I read aloud a letter I sent to the School Board.


My Child - my choice

Medical Freedom

Parents and students having the liberty to choose proper medical treatment.

Not everyone needs a vaccine!

Cecil County Teachers Saleries

Teacher's Salaries

Making sure Cecil County has the best of the best by providing good salaries for Cecil County teachers.


Critical Race Theory (CRT)


The tragedy of Critical Race Theory is that it harms children of every color.

Justin Vest

Hi, my name is Justin Vest, and I’m running for the Cecil County Public Schools’ Board of Education.

If you are a frustrated parent, and paid close attention to the national outcry over school boards in the summer of 2021, I am your candidate! Please visit the “Issues” tab for more

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Justins first event!

Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the announcement of our first fundraiser!

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Even More Information

Support good teachers

I believe that high teacher salaries are a great predictor of school quality. I will fight for good salaries to help retain high quality teachers.



Support Traditional Education

I support that everyone should be treated equally and have the same opportunities in education. Critical Race Theory goes against this practice. Schools need to focus on the children’s fundamental vs indoctrination.

No More Education Gurus

In 2018, CCPS commissioned a five-year strategic plan from a New England education guru. Sadly, the finished product is meandering gobbledygook. It cannot translate to a single student gaining one bit of additional preparation for adulthood. This kind of racket is happening all over the country. Vote for Justin Vest to send the snake oil salesmen packing.

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